Spyder is very proud of his video design and creation.  He understands that most businesses are on a budget and the need for social media ads, etc. are a must for these businesses to survive.  It's why he is now offereing his services to you, the budget minded business owner or individual.

Every video on this site was made by Spyder Lake. Below are examples of social media ads he has done for different companies and publications. If you would like Spyder to design your next socail media or other ad campaign contact him here.
Alien Invasion Christmas
China in Pictures, Words, and Video Christmas
Keeper of the Forest Christmas
Spyderlake Christmas
The Complete Guide to Timehsare Christmas
The Complete Guide to Timeshare Halloween
Keeper of the Forest Halloween
Spyderlake Halloween
Save the Planet - Spyderlake
Forest Floor Photos
China in Pictures, Words, and Video
Colorful Ad
Logo Assembly
Scientist Examines an Orb
Toon Intro
Spyderlake Thanksgiving
Video Ads for Real Etate
Holiday Greetings
Ask me how
20 Second kitchen cabinet
Florist Lines
Zillow Not Working?                                                           
Other Videos
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Keeper of the Forest
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