The Foreigner
A Spyderlake Productions Production
Living in Asia for 10 years gave spyder some of the greatest experiences anyone could ask for. When he met his soon to be wife he knew something grerat was happening. They began recording the youtube hit "The Foreigner".

There's been a new addition to the foreigner series that hasn't been posted yet. We call her Xiao Laowai (Little Foreigner). Stay tuned for more of this series to be posted in the near future.

In the meantime:

Join us as my girl Yang Yang and I travel around China enjoying the culture and sights. She speaks a little English and I speak no Chinese and the results are entertaining, funny and informative. During this series we will explore many different parts of China including Shanghai, Beijing, Dalian and so much more. This will give you an indepth look at the people and life of China.  Enjoy!
Beijing - Part 1
Beijing - Part 2
Shanghai - Oriental Tower
Hong Kong
Harbin - Ice Festival
Shanghai Smog
Life in Dalian
A Chinese Wedding
Another Chinese Wedding
Xing Hai Square - Dalian
Fireworks in Beijing
Dalian Musicians
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