China is an amazing culture and, in many ways, opposite of western culture.

There are no young girls on the streets holding babies or pushing strollers.
In China, the focus is education.

Dating is frowned upon and Chinese are not allowed a boyfriend or a girlfriend until they go to University.

Men are not allowed to marry before the age of 22 and women are not allowed to marry before the age of 20.

Most girls wait until they are 27 - 29 to get married and start a family.

Women older than 29 are considered to old to marry and many will spend their lives alone.

Many men will wait until after 30 to get married so they can afford a house and family.

The Chinese are enamored with foreigners. When I arrived in China in 2011, I stayed in a small city named Dalian. Dalian is located on the north-east coast and is considered a small city of 7 million. Over the next few years, I traveled to many of the Northern cities, and literally felt like a Rock Star.

Whether I was working or walking down the street, people would stop and ask me to take pictures with them; or they would want to talk. I knew it was so they could practice any english skills they may have, but the conversations were always kind and happy. Many more would stare and it sometimes felt a little creepy. I don't believe they meant it to be creepy, but many of them had never seen a foreigner.

Chinese like foreigners. They would like to be our friends and would even like to be romantically involved with us. In fact, I was amazed at how many of the women here asked me to help them find a foreign boyfriend.

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